Softness and subtlety paired with notes of elegance

Concept Design

Our clients, David and Jessica, loved the Manly refurbishment we did for them in 2019, and wanted their main home’s Master Bedroom to have a similar feel, yet different and in keeping with the space. The area to work with was spacious, but their previous finishes were dated and heavy.

Unfortunately, we had to work around the aircon unit on the rear wall, as aircon tradesmen advised they couldn’t get the pipework to any other wall. As we also tried moving it up and under the existing wall offset to only discover that is a beam directly overhead, David, after a few drinks, came up with the clever idea to spray paint it!

Amazing Results

A serene place of repose with unspoken glamour. This bedroom provided the couple with the familiar ambience of our first project together all the while giving them a new and stylish feel that they love!

“Sharon from Lets See Design did an amazing job on our main bedroom. We needed inspiration for a complete makeover and she came up with some fantastic ideas. We love the end result and are very happy. I highly recommend Sharon and Lets See Design to anyone!”

Jessica KealyResidential Client


  • Design
  • Furnishings
  • Colour Selection
  • Curtains
  • Art curation