Creating an elegant home away from home

Concept Design

Being the second project with the Kealy family, we were given the freedom to develop a concept and budget, that would give their “home away from home” an elegant aesthetic that compliments a beachy environment.

Amazing Results

We achieved creating a restful, sophisticated space where the Kealy’s love spending time to unwind from their busy schedule.

“Our apartment needed updating and after having worked with Sharon before we did not hesitate to engage her services again. We struggled with the layout but Sharon took all the pressure away. She reconfigured the floor plan, sourced all the furniture, and created a space we are thrilled with. She was able to come up with ideas we would not have thought of and are so happy with. Finding time to shop was hard so having Sharon choose all colours, fabrics and furnishings was a huge advantage. I highly recommend Lets See Design!”

Jessica & David KealyResidential Client


  • Design
  • Furniture & Furnishings
  • Space planning
  • Colour & Paint Selections
  • Wallpaper
  • Custom Rugs
  • Curtains
  • Art curation